Young Allies
Property of Marvel Comics
Vital statistics
Leader American Panther
Members Hazmat, Jolt, Mettle, Reptil, Rescue, Toro, White Tiger
Reserves Avispa
Former Members Araña, Kid Colt, Nomad
Enemies Bastards of Evil, Sisterhood of the Wasp
The Young Allies have had many incarnations, the current was formed by Justin Santos in Young Allies.


This is the team from Counter-Earth that is now part of the original earth. Nomad and Toro are actually the only two from Counter-Earth.

Wasp DominionEdit

Thanks to the chaos created by Hechicero, Nomad is able to come to the original earth and after defeating him along with his Sisterhood of the Wasp the rest of the team is able to join Nomad.

Current MembersEdit


  • Base of Operations: Rescue Inc. Tower
  • Equipment: None known.
  • Transportation: None known.
  • Weapons: None known.