Warlock is a mutant of the man-made techno-organic race known as technarchs and a member of Excalibur. Unlike most technarchs, Warlock has the ability to sense electromagnetic signals, enabling him to meaningfully interact with the world around him. Through this ability he has been able to learn some likeness of human intelligence and usually assumes a humanoid form. Most of Warlock's abilities are theoretically shared with the entire technarch race, but without Warlock's ability to sense electromagnetic signals other technarchs generally appear as mindless meshes of organic circuitry.


Before Excalibur #2Edit

Warlock's race, the Technarchy are a man-made race of techno-organic creatures created in Japan by a team of Clan Yoshida scientists headed by a man called Magusi. Technarchs perform all the functions required to be classified as a life form. The race feeds by infecting other organisms with a 'techno-organic virus' and absorbing the infected organism into themselves. All technarchs are capable of reforming their mass into other configurations and discharging portions of their 'lifeglow'. Most, however, are yet to become aware of the world around them and as such have no need to do so.

Warlock was the first technarch to mutate the ability to read the elctromagnetic spectrum and taught himself a basic understanding of human culture through intercepting encoded human signals travelling through the air. Learning certain human technologies, Warlock was able to manipulate his own cells to allow human-like senses such as sight and hearing.

Recruitment (Excalibur #2-3)Edit

Magusi presented Warlock to Mariko Yoshida, head of Clan Yoshida, in person as a prospective member for the Excalibur team. Mariko was pleased with what she saw and ordered Magusi to place Warlock on the team. Warlock, loyal to his adoptive father, dutifully obliged.

Before meeting the rest of Excalibur, Warlock was trusted to travel to London on his own. Though he proved capable of the task, the energy expended did diminish his lifeglow somewhat and tempted Warlock to take a break en-route to hunt down a whale as a snack.

When Warlock did arrive in London it became quickly apparent that he has much left to learn if he is to fit in with the human population. Warlock also displayed that he has yet to find his own voice in a very literal sense as he resorted to having to emulate celebrity voices to communicate.

Excalibur/Exiles CrossoverEdit

Despite having been let out of the laboratory for the first time to join Excalibur, Warlock's attention when off-duty is largely focused on an online science fiction game called Kvch which he is able to play without the aid of a computer, and manipulate the rules through his greater understanding of computer coding than of humans. Whilst playing Kvch, Warlock befirended another gamer called Cap.

Warlock was reluctantly dragged to Portugal with the other members of Excalibur who were in search of Sean Cassidy's estranged daughter. Shortly after his arrival though, Warlock came under attack from the extra-dimensional group of heroes known as the Exiles. Warlock panicked in the face of the attack headed by the Exiles' Synch and desperately discharged much of his lifeglow as an counter-offensive strategem. The battle was soon halted when the Exiles realised Warlock meant them no harm, but Warlock's strength was severely depleted.

Warlock then accompanied Excalibur and the Exiles to the Temple of the Spineless Ones before announcing that his lifeglow was running low. When battle was joined Warlock again resorted to the risky strategy of discharging more of his little remaining lifeglow and was forced to preserve power by entering a low-powered state. Later it was Mojo who saved Warlock from complete shutdown.

Publication HistoryEdit

Warlock joined the cast of Excalibur in Excalibur #2 and has appeared with the team in all issues of Excalibur since. Warlock has also appeared in all issues of the Excalibur Exiles crossover miniseries.

Appearances (In order)Edit

Excalibur #2-3
Excalibur/Exiles #1-4
Excalibur #4-5