This is a list of known updates in All*Star Reborn.


All*Star Reborn currently updates in a monthly fashion. The set date is the 20th of every month, and it has been that was since the first update of 2009.

2007 & 2008Edit

Reborn was started in April of 2007. Since then the universe has had sporadic updates with long periods without updates. There are no records of the updates during these two years.


The universe as of 2009 has run pretty smoothly thus far. Although the first month was skipped in favor of working on various projects, February brought a new look to the universe as well as new stories and writers.

February 20thEdit

This month brought new issues to established series with Araña #4, Mighty Avengers #4, Nova #7, and Astonishing Tales #3. It also brought the return of All*Star original Scott Redmond with his new series Fantastic Four and the debut of new writer JanO with the first two issues of his Doctor Strange series as well as the Astonishing Tales issue.

March 20thEdit

Araña #5 and Doctor Strange #3 were two new issues to established series, while the Excalibur/Exiles miniseries got one issue closer to its conclusion. This update also saw the debut of JanO's Hellcat series and Wundagore miniseries.