This is the Submission Guidelines for pitching a title to any of the All*Star universes.

List of CharactersEdit

We need to know who you'd be interested in working with. The current writers have already claimed a good deal of characters for their ongoing titles. Of course that doesn't mean you won't find anything you'll just have to look through our dibs list.

Dibs ListEdit

You'll only find this on our All*Star forums. We'll be posting a link here soon, of course the list is in a writers only section. And you'll need the approval of Justin Santos to get in. You cannot use a character from someone's list without asking them. The other writers will be more then happy to discuss sharing characters but if the character is currently involved in an important story line don't get upset if they decide not to allow usage.

Plot to Issues #1-12Edit

I know it's a lot to ask for but this helps us get a general idea of where you're going. The editor is not the only one who gives the green-light on the series but all of the current writers do. So you have to win all of us over which isn't hard.


We do not need twelve issues for a miniseries. A twelve issue series would be considered a limited series. We do need to know how long the miniseries will be and information on all the issues.


This of course would be for our Anthology series, which as of now are going to be Astonishing Tales and X-Men Unlimited. We need to know your plans for your one-shot and more importantly who you would be using.

Find Your PlaceEdit

Right now we have three branches. There's the hero branch that involves Araña, Avengers and Mighty Avengers, Nova, and Fantastic Four. The X-branch which involves X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur and Exiles with the future titles of X-Factor, X-Force and Wolverine. And finally the MAX branch that currently has Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange. Anyway any major conflict affecting these branches should be affecting your titles in some way whether it be major or minor. We want the titles to feel interconnected, we want to know they're in the same universe.

Anthology SeriesEdit

After we've given the green-light we'd like each of you to do a single issue in our anthology series "Astonish Tales". This is where you introduce your cast, it doesn't have to be anything major. It can be a telling of origins or it can be just a piece of work to connect yourself to the universe.