Spidercide is a clone of Spider-Man.


"Peter" emerged from one of the Jackal's pods. Believing himself to be the genuine Parker, he confronted Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Ben Reilly, and Kaine. His actions were violent, and the Jackal revealed he had been engineered to kill Parker and any surviving clones. The Jackal further assisted "Peter" by giving him detailed info on various villains and allies of Spider-Man.


He joins Misterioso in a mission that involved fighting Avispa and then Araña, and in between them he fights Hormiga. The mission was to get to Araña's best friend Lynn Johnson. During the fight between Spidercide and Avispa it is revealed that he isn't the original Spidercide clone and that he wasn't brought to life by the Jackal. The Jackal however was testing him to see how he compared to his creation.