Jalome Beacher
Property of Marvel Comics
Vital statistics
Name Jalome Beacher
Aliases Slyde
Relatives Matthew Beacher (step-brother, deceased)
Affiliation Agents of Gemini
Height 5' 11"
Weight 170 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black

Jalome Beacher is a thief who has crossed paths with the like of Spider-Man and Black Cat.


Jalome Beacher was a talented chemical engineer working in the design and development laboratory of Beemont Manufacturing who created a chemical coating that, when applied to any object, eliminated all friction between that object and surfaces. Beacher was about to unveil his discovery when Beemont was purchased by a larger organization and a man named Rockwall was placed in charge. The research and development lab was closed and Beacher was fired. He decided to build his own company founded on the non-stick chemical, but discovered that no bank would lend the money needed without a sizeable downpayment.

Creating a special uniform coated with the chemical, Beacher could move at high speeds on foot by sliding with extreme maneuverability. He adopted the name Slyde and set out to steal the money he needed, as well as to force Rockwall out of business.


Slyde was hired by a man to steal a solitaire diamond that would eventually be stolen by the Black Cat. He was then rehired to get it back. He kills Hammerhead's newly employed guards before leaving the crime boss to go after Felicia. He would come to a deal with her, taking the diamond and her taking Hammerhead's cash.