Silvio Manfredi
Property of Marvel Comics
Vital statistics
Name Silvio Manfredi
Aliases Silvermane
Relatives Catherine Manfredi (wife, deceased), Joseph Manfredi (son).
Affiliation The Manfredi family
Height 7' 0"
Weight 440 lbs.
Eyes Gray
Hair None

Silvio Manfredi is a crime boss in New York that has crossed paths with the likes of Spider-Man and the Black Cat.


Crimefighters Cloak and Dagger decided that they dispised Silvermane because of his role in illegal drug trafficking in New York City. Dagger attacked Silvermane and almost killed him using her powers. However, doctors saved Silvermane's life by transporting his brain, most of his head and many organs to a robotic body that would also provide him with super-human strength.

Cat's PawEdit

Silvermane hired the Black Cat anonymously through her handler Bruno to retrieve information to cure his physical and mental problems. He had sent the Puma to kill Bruno and would eventually be arrested by the NYPD.