New Slingers
Team of OCs
Vital statistics
Leader Avispa
Members Crimson Spider, Estrella, Goblin, Hormiga
Reserves Armory
Former Members -
Enemies Sisterhood of the Wasp, Jackal
The New Slingers are a team made up of OCs formed by Justin Santos in Araña.


The team formed when the members joined forces on numerous occasions with the Spider Society. They only truly trusted Araña so instead of aligning with the group they formed their own team.

Wasp DominionEdit

The team hasn't fully formed by this point but still worked together.


Estrella summons the team, minus Avispa who had been injured, to aid Araña in the fight against Spidercide and Misterioso. It took some quick thinking by the Crimson Spider to defeat Misterioso. Avispa talked with Araña through her subconscious to instill some confidence in her, which helped her defeat Spidercide.

Current MembersEdit


  • Base of Operations: None known.
  • Equipment: None known.
  • Transportation: None known.
  • Weapons: None known.

Appearances (as a Team)Edit