Matsu'o Tsurayaba is a Japanese business executive working for Clan Yoshida who has been named as Excalibur's manager. As such he is one of the title's most important supporting characters.


Before Excalibur #3Edit

For years, Tsurayaba has been a trusted employee of Clan Yoshida. Having worked for the Japanese firm for years, Tsurayaba is one of the first people CEO Mariko Yoshida will turn to for advice and help in any business related scenario.

At present little is known of Tsurayaba's personal history. According to a conversation he had with Sean Cassidy, he was once deeply in love with a woman called Kwannon, who has since been taken from him.

Excalibur #3-PresentEdit

Tsurayaba was charged with the responsibility of managing Excalibur. His first task was to oversee the team members' first assembly and familiarise himself with the new employees. The next item on the agenda was the launch of the Excalibur advertising campaign, but complications centred on Banshee forced him to reschedule to allow time for a trip to Portugal in search of Sean's daughter. Making the most out of the time available he scheduled Pete Wisdom and Psylocke to be fitted for costumes while in Lisbon.

Publication HistoryEdit

Matsu'o was introduced in Excalibur #3 as the team's appointed manager. He also appeared during the Excalibur/Exiles Crossover.

Appearances (In order)Edit

  • Excalibur #3
  • Excalibur/Exiles #1
  • Excalibur/Exiles #4 (in the epilogue)
  • Excalibur #4-5


- Tsurayaba's first name, Matsu'o, is often spelled Matsuo for simplicity.