Featured here is a chronological list of story arcs in the All*Star Reborn series Araña written by Justin Santos. Araña is a college drama, in contrast to the teenage Araña in the Marvel and All*Star X continuity.


Homicidal (#1-4)Edit

  • Published between: April 2007 - February 2009
  • Writer: Justin Santos
  • Plot outline: Anya Corazon heads out for Empire State University to start her freshman year in college. During the tour of the school a spider lowers from the ceiling landing on fellow freshman Peter Parker, he swats the spider away sending it toward Anya. She is bitten by the spider and is genetically altered causing her to obtain spider powers. The arc follows her learning to control her powers and meeting a veteran hero known as Llamarado who is secretly her ex-boyfriend Lucas Garcia whom recently reentered her life when dating her best friend Felicia Hardy. While she deals with the drama of her everyday life a man by the name of Norman Osborn sends his henchman the Goblin to bust out his creation called Spidercide. Anya adopts the codename Araña and teams up with Llamarado to fight the combined might of the Goblin and Spidercide, who seems to have a sick fascination with Araña. The battle ends on the Brooklyn Bridge where the Goblin's identity is revealed to Lucas, and Araña is taken over by a demonic spirit known as the Hunter which resides in the blue pendant she wears.
  • First appearances: Araña (Spider Hunter), Llamarado, Felicia Hardy, Goblin, Spidercide, Norman Osborn, Gilberto Corazon, Sofia Corazon, Carolyn Trainer, Elena Garcia, Jessica Garcia, Erika Garcia, Harry Osborn, Peter Parker, and Vulture
  • Deaths: Sofia Corazon
  • Notes: This arc originally started with the Kingpin as the main antagonist but was restarted at #2 and became a slight revamp of the first arc of the original Araña series which was titled "Arachnophobia." There is a subplot in #4 which involves Felicia Hardy being kidnapped by the Vulture.

Natural Enemies (#5-6)Edit

  • Published between: March 2009 - November 2009
  • Writer: Justin Santos
  • Plot outline: The story begins before the birth of Anya and Lucas, revealing that their parents had been friends for sometime. As the story continues we discover that Anya's mother was the very first person to use the name Araña and worked alongside the Spider Society against the Sisterhood of the Wasp as the Spider Hunter. The lead mage of the Wasps goes after Lucas numerous times use magic to grant him powers and revealing that he had done science experiments one him while he was an infant. Years later a teenage Lucas is once again cornered by the unnamed wasp mage, this time he casts a spell that engulfs Lucas in flames which turns him into the one and only Wasp Hunter. After being trained by Sofia, both Anya and Lucas encounter Hechicero of the Wasps.
  • First appearances: Sofia Corazon as Araña, Hechicero, Nina Tanner, Miguel Legar, Spider Society, Sisterhood of the Wasp, Armory
  • Notes: This arc features the origins of Llamarado.

Upcoming ArcsEdit

Although these arcs are scheduled to follow the current arc plans may change.

Insidious (#7-10)Edit

  • Published between: N/A - N/A
  • Writer: Justin Santos
  • Plot outline: Plans soon to be revealed.
  • First appearances:
  • Notes: