Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake
Property of Marvel Comics
Vital statistics
Name Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake
Aliases Cyclops, Cyke, Slim, Erik the Red
Relatives William Drake (father), Madeline Drake (mother), Anne Drake (paternal aunt), Mary Drake (cousin), Joel Drake (cousin)
Affiliation X-Men, formerly X-Factor, Defenders, Champions
Height 5' 8"
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown

Bobby Drake is a member of the X-Men.


Bobby Drake was born in Floral Park, Long Island, New York to William Drake and Madeline Bass-Drake. Bobby is Jewish on his mother's side and Irish Catholic on his father's. Bobby first discovered his mutant abilities at a young age when he found himself unable to stop feeling cold and shivering.

A school bully named Rocky Beasely have convinced his gang to attack Bobby and Judy Harmon, his girlfriend at the time. Bobby panicked and encased Rocky in ice, saving Judy, but revealing his abilities to his peers[1]. Believing Bobby to be a dangerous mutant, the people of his town, Fort Washington, organized a lynch mob. The mob broke into the Drake household and overpowered them. The local sheriff noticed that things were getting out of hand and took Bobby into custody for his own protection. The story made its way to Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men.

Divided DestinyEdit

Members of the X-Men gathered after surviving an ordeal involving Bastion. During this gathering Cyclops brought up his thoughts on the future concerning mutantkind and the X-Men. His belief in rounding up evil mutants were instantly turned down by Professor X and Storm. Bobby brings up the fact the Bishop has been missing and that no one has attempted to look for him. Beast tells him that the last time he saw Bishop was when they were fighting the Phalanx where it is believed he died. Bobby decides to stay with the Professor when Scott announces he's setting to follow his own dream.