Anthony Garcia is the leader of the Sisterhood of the Wasp.


Hechicero was born in the 11th century. Once in adulthood he founded the Sisterhood of the Wasp and joined the founders of six other groups to form the Insect Kingdom. When the Kingdom of Castile turned its back on the Insect Kingdom, the Sisterhood broke off to rebel against the kingdom. This brought them to war with their soon-to-be long time enemies, the Spider Society.

The main reason for Hechicero's anger towards the Kingdom of Castile was due to the brutal murder of his wife and son. He witnessed knights of the kingdom committing this act and vowed to use the Sisterhood to wipe the evil off the face of the earth. Of course his way of doing so could have been considered evil itself.

After staying alive for centuries battling the Spider Society, he finally attempted to start a family again. He remarried and had two children, Marcos and Nina. After their betrayal, he exiled them from the Sisterhood and they formed the Cult of the Tarantula.

Years later he met Erika Gonzalez, who was good friends with the Spider Society's hunter Sofia Corazon, and settled down with her to have three more children: Lucas, Jessica, and Elena. When Lucas was an infant, Anthony bonded the Wasp Hunter to his son even though he was already born bonded to the Ant Hunter. This would be the source of his son's anguish when growing up.

At some point when his youngest children moved to Massachusetts with their mother, Marcos reappeared in Hechicero's life and banished his father to Counter-Earth where the Wasp Lord would form a new army of insects to take over that world.


At the very end of the battle between Araña and friends against the Cult of the Tarantula, Hechicero found a portal that led from Counter-Earth back to his homeworld. It was all thanks to Rikki Barnes.

Wasp DominionEdit

Hechicero unleashes his wasps to distract the Spider Society while he uses his magic to merge earth with Counter-Earth and rid the world of what he considers evil.