Jerome Sierra is a character in the series Araña.


His father is Panamanian and mother African-American, the two settled down in New York and started a family including Rome and his two siblings.

Wasp DominionEdit

He was shown to be fighting members of the Sisterhood of the Wasp and would be later joined by members of the Bastards of Evil. Eventually with Hydro-Girl and Aftershock they found themselves on an altered earth where they would team up with Hormiga, Crimson Spider, and the Young Allies.

Fight For Your FreedomEdit

Reluctantly, he works with the Bastards of Evil and a group of nazis from the Counter-Earth known as the World Party. He fights Jolt before he decides to her a chance to save her friends. After bringing her to the World Party headquarters he abandons the Bastards of Evil.

Cracks in Mr. PerfectEdit

After the events with the Bastards against the Young Allies, Rome looked to Jessica Garcia for help. She at first refused to talk to him and to go so far as to evade him, but eventually he was able to open up to her about his being the Goblin and the situation his family was in. After they were chased by the Crime-Master he had to save Jessica's younger sister Elena from falling to her death.

Empire StateEdit

Rome fought the Enforcers during a raging gang war between the Kingpin and the Jackal. He revealed his identity to Araña and Avispa, causing some friction between Lucas and Jessica. When Lucas was cornered by the Crime-Master and shot, Rome managed to come along just in time to give him aide. He would carry Lucas home despite the injured hero's distrust for him.