Jessica Garcia is a character in the Araña (Series).


She was born to Anthony and Erika Garcia in Rockville Centre, New York in October of 1989. She grew up in Boston, Massachusetts away from where the Sisterhood of the Wasp were located. While there her brother's powers manifested revealing him to be the hunter of the Wasp. These powers would pour out from him overwhelming others which led to people shunning him. She has since then tried to fix this problem.


Jessica returns to New York with her family to attend college. She along with her twin brother Lucas meets Anya while attending Milton Summers High School. When walking to school with Anya, the Cult of the Tarantula attacks and eventually kidnaps Lucas to steal the power of the wasp hunter from him. He would die briefly when the wasp hunter is removed from him only to be revived by the ant hunter that was also bonded to him. He would later join Anya and Jessica to fight the cult.

Wasp DominionEdit

Jessica would get caught in a battle with Nomad who believes all insect/arachnid based characters are evil. Araña and Avispa save Estrella and leave as the rest of the Young Allies arrive. As soon as they collect themselves the Sisterhood attacks the five boroughs of New York, the group splits up to take down each section of infestation. While fighting, Hechicero casts a spell that merges earth with Counter-Earth. The heroes and villains all awaken on a new planet dominated by the wasp. Jessica and friends would then again find themselves fighting the Young Allies despite the current situation.


Jessica becomes Miguel Legar's apprentice. During her training her brother is tricked into fighting Spidercide. She arrives to see him beaten nearly to death. Thanks to his powers he recovers quicker then most would have in his situation. Jessica pleads with him to stay with the Young Allies while she joins the New Slingers in an attempt to help Araña. After a rough battle the New Slingers are able to down Misterioso and Araña defeats Spidercide.

Cracks in Mr. PerfectEdit

While Anya and Lucas spend time together, Jessica goes out with her younger sister Elena when they are met up by Rome who seeks to confide in Jessica. He tells her everything, including the fact that he is the Goblin and information on the Jackal. This however caused Jessica and Elena to get mixed up in Rome's problems and are captured by the Crime-Master. Jessica makes a break for it with her sister over her shoulder but eventually are cornered by the Crime-Master's gang. Elena is nearly killed but is saved by the Goblin just in time.

Empire StateEdit

Jessica and friends graduate from Milton Summers High School. Later that night she goes out with Avispa and Araña to patrol and comes across the Goblin who is fighting the Enforcers. It is revealed that a crime war is erupting between the Kingpin and the Jackal. She goes along with Araña to fight gangsters after Avispa left from an argument they had. She would later ask the Crimson Spider to help her find the Goblin's family. They along with the others eventually free them.

Agony in the AnthillEdit

Finally learning a transportation spell, she appears behind her brother when he is about to be attacked by the Ant Council. Together with her brother, Anya and Felicity Hardy go to protect Veronica Abano from the Ant Council. Later she listens to Veronica's story about her past involving Lucas and Hormiga. She joins her brother in participating in the annual Ant Council martial arts tournament.

Lack of WillpowerEdit

It is revealed that Veronica was once in a terrible car accident where her arms were damaged beyond repair. Jessica uses her magic and brother's blood to give a short fix to this problem but must continuously do it as time goes on.

What Happened to Ted MankowskiEdit

She was spending time with her friends when Lucas returned to their childhood home with his so-called time-displaced daughter Elizabeth.

Going UnderEdit

Jessica had plans to do something with Lucas who was battling a deep depression but end up canceling at last minute. This clearly hurt him and she felt bad about it.


While Lucas was in a coma, she brought Elizabeth, Lynn Johnson, and Rocky Flint into his mental plane to help piece him back together. She witness a number of his memories that made her feel like she was a terrible sister. They would find a locked memory is what's preventing him from coming out of his coma. It is revealed that Lucas met Anya when they were thirteen and was being watched by Invisble Woman.


She and the others followed along as the memory of Lucas and Anya's first meeting continued. Despite unlocking the memory, Lucas was still left in a coma.

Shocking DevelopmentsEdit

With no other choices, Jessica decided to steal an orb that was in the Museum of Natural History that was a magical item once used by the Spider Society. Before the break-in attempt, she saw the museum was already in the process of being robbed by Aftershock. She tried to stop the electric villain along with the Goblin, but in the end needed the help of the Spider Hunter in Lucas to take down Aftershock. The orb connected to Elizabeth and snapped Lucas out of the coma.

The Haunting of San FranciscoEdit

She is visited by Ghost Rider and Megan Kinney who needed help breaking X-23 out of a coma induced by the Rider's Penance Stare. She is able to snap her out of it after showing her memories to the others.


She has Lucas watch over Lynn Johnson as means to protect her from any possible threats and him from himself. While he's busy doing so, she goes with the Goblin and the Crimson Spider to investigate Caitlyn Sierra's disappearance. She goes along with Lucas to Japan to bring back Armory who had been sold to the Hand by her father.