Veronica Abano is a scientist of Empire State University that eventually becomes Araña's version of Doctor Octopus.


Veronica grew up as the black sheep of the Gonzalez Family. After high school her life was on a downward spiral until her aunt Erika Gonzalez stepped up as a mother figure and guided her to a life where she became a successful scientist and teacher of Empire State University. She divorced her husband who lead her astray and took responsibility of caring for her daughter whom she had at a young age.

Agony in the AnthillEdit

Veronica returns to New York after being in Spain for a year working on research. When arriving in LaGuardia Airport she and her daughter Angela Abano were confronted by soldiers of the Ant Council. She is saved by Avispa, Araña, Estrella, and Felicity Hardy. They bring her home with them where she then tells them a story that reveals her dark past that involved both Avispa and Hormiga. She was present when Anya saw her father's body after he had passed away.

Lack of WillpowerEdit

Veronica has to get help from her cousins. She reveals to Lynn Johnson that she loss the use of her arms in a terrible car accident. She's been regaining the use of them for a short time from the use of Jessica's magic and Lucas's blood.