Alejandro Corazon is the masked vigilante known as the Crimson Spider and a male clone of Araña.


He was born through the Jackal's cloning process and is a male clone of Araña. Because of him being the opposite sex of his genetic template his feelings toward Avispa and Lynn Johnson are reversed. Anya sees Lynn as a sister and is in love with Lucas, where as Alex sees Lucas as a brother and is in love with Lynn.

Wasp DominionEdit

He is introduced to Lucas Garcia by Anya Corazon as Alex Hughes. Anya is unaware that he is a clone of her. He is later seen fighting wasp drones and is helped by Hormiga. Near the end of the battle Avispa uses Alex's costume to break into his father's lair as Spider-Man.


He joins the New Slingers in the battle against Spidercide and Misterioso.

Empire StateEdit

He graduate high school with his friends. Later he is seen fighting gangsters of the Kingpin's who are accompanied by Hammer Harrison, a member of the Enforcers. He is outnumbered but the interruption by Avispa and the Goblin saves him.

Agony in the AnthillEdit

Alejandro joined the other New Slingers in a tournament against the Ant Council.

Lack of WillpowerEdit

He is mind-controlled by Felix Jade, an old enemy of Anya's. He later is freed thanks the combined effort of Lucas and the spirit of his genetic mother Sofia Corazon.


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