Sam Guthrie is a member of the X-Men.


Samuel Zachery Guthrie was the eldest son of a large farming Kentucky family. Sam attempted to help out his family by working in a coal mine after his had died father there inhaling coal dust. Right on his first day, Sam and his father's friend, Lewis, were trapped in a cave-in. In his panic, Sam manifested his mutant blasting powers which allowed him and Lewis to escape the collapse.

This incident led to Sam to be discovered by Donald Pierce, who recruited him in a plot to attack a young group of mutants Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men, had assembled. Sam eventually came to his senses and turned against Pierce. Professor Xavier saw the good inside Sam and invited him to join his New Mutants. Cannonball left his family to join the team.

An Offer You Can't RefuseEdit

Sam is still uncertain about what to do with himself and not sure what to about the offer presented to him by Beast to train the next generation of mutants. He is visited by his sister Husk who is curious to see what he's gonna do. After making his decision he requests a number of students join him in the Danger Room where he offers to train them.

Thralls of the TyrantEdit

While addressing the X-Men trainees, he introduced his sister Aero and her boyfriend Spectre. After having Husk show the trainees what to expect from the Danger Room, he would discuss with his sister the search efforts for their brother Icarus. He would later discuss the situation involving Surge with Beast. He would be confronted by Mercury who believed she was being overlooked. He would tell her how her attitude is what's holding her back. He was talking with his sister when Rockslide began thrashing about in foyer, where he ripped the door off its hinges. He was left frozen at the sight of Fusion being thrown over a balcony after see had fallen victim to Wither's death touch. He had no choice but to use his powers to take down Rockslide who was under the mind-control Sean Garrison.