Black Tom Cassidy is a fictional Irish mutant in the All*Star Reborn fan fiction universe with the ability to channel blasts of bio-energy through a focus point. He is the cousin of Sean Cassidy and is based on the character of the same name created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum for Marvel Comics.


Before Excalibur #1Edit

Prior to his first appearance in the All*Star universe, Black Tom had been affiliated with the IRA.

By kidnapping his cousin Sean's fiancee, Tom was able to blackmail Sean into co-operating with him in an act of terrorism in the early 90s. The details of what exactly happened are cloudy at best, however, both cousins were apprehended and imprisoned by the British for the act. Each cousin tried to pin the blame on the other.

Recruitment (Excalibur #1-3)Edit

When Excalibur were recruiting mutants for their team, Psylocke was sent with Pete Wisdom to determine once and for all which, if either, of the two Cassidy cousins was the innocent party and evaluate them for inclusion in the team. Psylocke's telepathy meant she could see through the veil Tom tried to pull over their eyes, however, somehow Tom managed to escape during the visit and had to be recaptured by Psylocke and Sean. (Excalibur #1-2)

Excalibur/Exiles CrossoverEdit

Although Tom should have been safely locked away in prison, he re-appeared in his cousin's life sooner than expected when Sean tracked his estranged daughter Theresa to Portugal only to find Tom already there, having murdered Theresa's adopted parents. Sean and Tom fought each other in hand to hand combat as both men were immune to each other's powers. Eventually their fight was cut short by the arrival of the Exiles, as Darkstar encased Tom in a cage of dark energy before Angel and Pete Wisdom interrogated him to discover he was working for a man called Mojo. (Excalibur/Exiles #1-2)

Appearances (In order)Edit

Excalibur #1-2
Excalibur/Exiles #1-2