Felicity Hardy is the future daughter of Felicia Hardy and Flash Thompson.


Felicity Hardy is the daughter of Spider-Man's former girlfriend (and crime fighting partner), Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) and his high school rival and friend, Flash Thompson.

Felicia helped train her young daughter in gymnastics and martial arts. When Felicia left Flash for her lesbian girlfriend, Felicity took it hard, becoming resentful. Knowing Felicia would be furious if Felicity became a costumed hero (like her mother once was), Felicity sought out Araña, hoping that she would take her on as a sidekick.

Empire StateEdit

Araña came across Felicity after hearing a call for help. She had been shot during a confrontation between the gangs warring throughout the city. She was healing be Araña's mother and explained who she was to Anya and friends.


Felicity is mistaken for her mother and is attacked by Brianna Blunt who wants something ours returned. Felicia had a magical item known as the Krellack Orb that has the power to grant its owner one wish. The next day Felicity bumps into her mother and reluctantly has coffee with her. They would go to her grandmother's, Lydia Hardy, home to find it ransacked.