Felicia Hardy is a sometimes thief, sometimes superhero, and sometimes partner of Spider-Man.


Cat's Paw & SolitaireEdit

Felicia is setup by Silvermane when doing jobs given to her by her 'handler' Bruno who is brutally murdered by the Puma. During her adventure to get to the bottom of this she meets up with Gambit who like usual flirts endlessly with her.

Later she follows a 'man in white' to Miami to steal a solitaire diamond he himself had stolen. The man in white actually had hired someone else to steal it prior, a man named Slyde. After Felicia steals it for herself he rehires Slyde to get it back. She attempts to sell it to Hammerhead but the meeting is interrupted by Slyde who kills all of the crime boss's guards. Finally face-to-face, the two thieves came to an agreement. Slyde left with the diamond without hurting Felicia and she left with Hammerhead's money, donating a percentage to the Salvation Army in honor of her friend Bruno.

Lizards & Venom, 'ASM' stand-alonesEdit

She pops back up in New York when Spider-Man finds himself in a tight spot. She helps him deal with the Lizard, Mysterio, robot version of Venom. After all the fighting, Felicia reveals to Peter that she has returned to New York for one reason. She just found out that she may have a brother and he has something belonging to her father. She offers Peter the means to travel to L.A. to reconcile with Mary Jane his estranged wife. This starts a road trip with Peter and Flash Thompson.

Vegas HustleEdit

Felicia arrives in Las Vegas during his road trip with Flash Thompson and Peter Parker to LA. The trio go to a casino with a superhero theme (the workers are dressed as other Marvel characters) that the Hypno-Hustler and the Mercy Killers are at.

Welcome to Spidey-WoodEdit

She arrives in L.A. with Peter and Flash. She goes off to find the person who is supposedly her brother. She finds a young man named Riley Alexander who just happened to be nearly kidnapped by a cult but was saved by Spider-Man. She confronts him but before she can really do what she wants she is stopped by Spider-Man. After filming his scenes in his movie, Riley is hypnotized by a mysterious man along with Flash. Felicia went to go save them but is ultimately hypnotized herself.


Felicia would find out that she is expecting Flash Thompson's child. While lost in thought she accidentally bumped into a mysterious woman named Brianna Blunt who dropped a magical item known as the Krellack Orb. The orb is said to give its owner one wish. The next day she would meet up with Felicity Hardy, her time displaced daughter who coincidentally was who she was currently pregnant with. Together the two would go to see her mother but found her home ransacked.