Araña: Heart of the Spider
Volume 1, Issue 2
Release date October 2010
Written by Justin Santos
Arc Arachnophobia Part II
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Appearing in "Arachnophobia Part II: History Lesson"Edit

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Synopsis for "Arachnophobia Part II: History Lesson"Edit

Jessica rushes to save Anya who had been poisoned by Nina. While Anya recovers, Jessica enters the Realm of the Spider to unlock the rest of Araña's powers (organic webbing and spider sense). Meanwhile, Nina brings a severely injured Lucas to the hideout of the Cult of the Tarantula. Marcos commands his sister to heal the Wasp Hunter so that they may proceed with extracting it. Before they can get started Araña and Jessica arrive to save Lucas. Marcos and Nina abandon their hideout and leave their drones to fight the two heroes.