Araña: Heart of the Spider
Volume 1, Issue 1
Release date August 2010
Written by Justin Santos
Arc Arachnophobia Part I
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Appearing in "Arachnophobia Part I: The Insect Kingdom Reestablished"Edit

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Synopsis for "Arachnophobia Part I: The Insect Kingdom Reestablished"Edit

Anya meets Lucas and Jessica Garcia who moved from Massachusetts to attend Milton Summers High for their senior year. While the day continues Nina, Anya's combat trainer in the Spider Society arrives in Puerto Rico to break the seals binding the other Insect Kingdom groups from our world. Now with her brother they plan to steal the power of all the hunters belonging to the groups. Nina turns Anya's old high school nemesis Trent into a monstrous tarantula. Anya suits up in her Araña costume and joins Avispa who is already fighting and Estrella who at the time hasn't adopted the codename. After the battle in front of the school Anya is severely poisoned and Lucas is nearly killed when saving her. Nina takes him captive leaving the poisoned Anya to be attended to by Jessica.