Anya Sofia Corazon is the lead superheroine of the series Araña.


Araña is a teenage girl from Brooklyn whose father is an investigative reporter. On one fateful night, she went to a bridge to fight a boy from her school. When she got there, a fight between the Sisterhood of the Wasps and the Spider Society left her fatally injured. Miguel Legar, the Spider Society's sorcerer, was forced to transfer some of his power to her to save her life. She received a spider-shaped tattoo which gave her enhanced strength and agility. It also presumably gave her an exoskeleton.


Anya meets Avispa and Estrella when the Cult of the Tarantula initiate their plan to capture the energies of the hunters of the Insect Kingdom. Anya finds that her combat trainer, Nina Tanner, is actually a member of the cult. Nearly killed by her former trainer she is saved by Estrella who unlocks the rest of her powers. The duo would then team up with Armory to fight the cult in Times Square. The battle would come to an end when the group is joined by a believed to be dead Avispa.

There is a subplot that shows Scorpion being taken captive by the Tribe of the Scorpion to become their hunter and also begins Nomad's journey from Counter-Earth.

Girl Without A WorldEdit

She appears in Amazing Fantasy #50 briefly to try and help Nomad who wants no help from her. Anya ends up dropping Rikki off at a local hospital.

Wasp DominionEdit

Anya starts the day trying to help Lucas conquer his loneliness by introducing him to her friends. The duo would eventually meet up with Spider-Man who is fighting the Red Wasp. They learn that the Sisterhood of the Wasp has returned along with their true leader Hechicero. After dealing with the Red Wasp and some drones the two heroes would go to find Estrella who is caught in a battle with Nomad who believes all insect/arachnid based characters are evil. They save Estrella and leave as the rest of the Young Allies arrive. As soon as they collect themselves the Sisterhood attacks the five boroughs of New York, the group splits up to take down each section of infestation. While fighting, Hechicero casts a spell that merges earth with Counter-Earth. The heroes and villains all awaken on a new planet dominated by the wasp. Anya and friends would then again find themselves fighting the Young Allies despite the current situation. Together with Avispa, she is able to put an end to Hechicero's Wasp Dominion.


Anya's double life catches up to her. She becomes exhausted after having to go to school, help her friend Lynn, work with the Spider Society, and now the Young Allies, giving her little time to spend with Lucas. When left alone Lucas is tricked and trapped in a barrier with Spidercide. Anya is only able to watch as he is nearly killed. Mettle saves Lucas and convinces Anya to bring him to Rescue Inc. Tower to recover. Anya then goes out on her own where she fights a one-sided battle with Spidercide. She nearly gives up before Lucas talks to her in the Realm of the Spider and encourages her to keep fighting. With that little motivation she is able to defeat Spidercide.

Fight For Your FreedomEdit

Arriving on scene of a bank robbery, Anya finds herself in a fight with Trickshot. Trickshot tells Anya to give the Young Allies a message which she delivers to Nomad and the American Panther. She later then fights Trickshot again and loses when the World Party interferes with the fight. She is taken to their headquarters where the other Young Allies are being held captive. She is forced to fight a mind controlled Nomad who was turned into Master Woman by her brother John Barnes.

Empire StateEdit

Anya and friends graduate from Milton Summers High School. Later that night she goes out with Avispa and Estrella to patrol and comes across the Goblin who is fighting the Enforcers. The Goblin's identity is revealed to her as well as the fact that a crime war is erupting between the Kingpin and the Jackal. She goes along with Estrella to fight gangsters after Avispa left from a fight between him and his sister. When she returned home she found out that her father Gilberto Corazon had been shot and was in intensive care. Two police officers told her the Goblin was responsible. Together with Avispa she went to confront the Goblin and the Crime-Master, where after defeating them she learned that the Crime-Master was the true culprit.

Agony in the AnthillEdit

With Lucas and Lynn Johnson she tracks down Black Ant to figure out what's happening with the Ant Council. They reveal to Hormiga that Lynn is expecting his child and he turns his back on her and the rest of his family. Anya then goes with Lucas, Jessica, and Felicity Hardy to pick up Veronica Abano from LaGuardia Airport who is confronted by the Ant Council. She later listens to Veronica's story of her dark past that involved Lucas and Mike. The next day her father passes away. After she runs off she runs into Nina Tanner. They fight with Tarantula King eventually showing up to over power her. The Tarantulas take Anya captive and bond her to a clone the Venom symbiote known as Mania.

Lack of WillpowerEdit

Anya is under the control of the Mania symbiote which is under the control of Nina. She uses them to further the Cult's plans over the course of eight months. They return to New York where she sees Lucas as Araña for the first time. She watches her boyfriend fight the Crimson Spider who is being mind-controlled by an old enemy known as Felix Jade.

What Happened to Ted MankowskiEdit

As Mania, she began to stalk Caitlyn Sierra. Eventually, she confronted her at the Clinton Hill Library where it was revealed Caitlyn had been bond to a Bee Hunter. Anya captured her and brought her to the Cult of the Tarantula. She is confronted by Lucas who is of no threat to her. Her own words are able to break his heart and soul to the point he has to be saved by not only their daughter Elizabeth Garcia but his father Hechicero.

Going UnderEdit

She was instructed by Nina Tanner that her next target would be Lucas's younger sister Elena Garcia who is also a Wasp Hunter. Later, however, the plans are put aside when Nina reveals Lucas was injured in a battle with the new goblin Menace. Nina loosens the grip on Anya to send her against Menace.


Paired with Misterioso and Spidericde, she investigates various locations to find information on the whereabouts of Menace.


It is revealed that both Anya and Lucas had their memories blocked. They originally met when they were thirteen where the relationship really started. Lucas saves Anya from the Sisterhood of the Wasp who simply wanted a sample of her DNA.

Shocking DevelopmentsEdit

She checks on Lucas to see how he's holding up. She reveals to Lynn Johnson and her so-called time-displaced daughter that Elizabeth was in fact cloned from her and Lucas's DNA via magic and was from this time period.


She is mentally conditioned to start a romantic relationship with Nina. She is more aware now of herself but the symbiote still alters her personality. She was present down in Florida when Nina used her magic with the Lizard Formula to create the Lizard Gang. She is also shown a false memory of Lucas killing her mother. Sofia appears not visible to Anya, who scolds her daughter for falling for the fake memory.