James Miles is a member of the Young Allies.


James grew up as an orphan with his younger sister Monica. Neither of them knew who their parents were and never found a permanent foster family. After getting out of high school, James would build a company called Rescue Inc. with his sister whose intelligence allowed her to fly through college.

One day when he was a child he was saved by the Black Panther. Now a wealthy businessman, he decided to use his resources to take up a career in crime fighting. He made an identity combining his hero the Black Panther with another idol Captain America, forming the identity of the American Panther.

Girl Without A WorldEdit

James saves Nomad from Hydro-Girl who was trying to kidnap her. He would help Nomad regain her strength and officially gave her the codename.

Wasp DominionEdit

He would help Nomad form a new team of Young Allies to fight the Insect Kingdom. While the team fought Araña and friends, James would join Hormiga and a mixed team of heroes and villains to fight the All-Mother.

Fight For Your FreedomEdit

James brings the team to Rescue Inc. Tower, which now serves as their base of operations. When his sister is kidnapped by the Bastards of Evil he goes into action with the team to find them. While with Nomad they are confronted by Aftershock and Hydro-Girl. He and the rest of the team were kidnapped and locked away while the World Party took Nomad to an operating room. After being freed he would have to fight Hydro-Girl and Mortar while his team fights the rest of the Bastards.