Amaing Fantasy
Volume 1, Issue 50
Release date December 2011
Written by Justin Santos
Arc Girl Without A World
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Synopsis for "Girl Without A World"Edit

Rikki Barnes comes from Counter-Earth to the main universe earth to look for help. Her world is being ravaged by the Insect Kingdom and believes only one man could help her, Captain America. During her search for him she discovers that Steve Rogers is dead and the mantle of Captain America is being held by someone she doesn't know (Captain America (Josiah al hajj Saddiq)). After being sent to a hospital by Araña, Rikki is saved by the American Panther from Hydro-Girl. The Panther would convince her to join him facing a common enemy. She takes the codename Nomad and runs into Hydro-Girl again. They fight before Rikki leads her unknowingly to Avispa who blasts her with such intense heat that she evaporates.


  • Hydro-Girl reforms her body at the end of issue.
  • She along with Aftershock are working for a mystery man who is secretly plotting against Araña and friends.
  • Rikki's brother John appears at the end of issue apparently working with the same mystery man.
  • This is the prequel to the Nomad & the Young Allies series.
  • This also starts the Wasp Dominion crossover between that series and Araña